Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Obama's Coming

"According to Channel 10, Obama was promised that during his visit he will be able "to accomplish great things" vis-à-vis the stalled peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians" 

Was that a Peres promise?



Jeremy J Street has written to me:

Dear Yisrael,
I'm sure that you’ve seen the exciting news that President Obama will be traveling to Israel and the West Bank this spring – a visit we hope he will use to signal his strong commitment to achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians in his second term.

To succeed, the President will need more than a single visit or a photo-op. The administration must engage seriously over time, establishing a framework for talks, setting deadlines and helping the parties to bridge their differences.

As a start, President Obama should prepare the ground for his visit by clearly stating in next week's State of the Union Address that achieving a two-state solution is a top priority for his second term.


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Anonymous said...

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