Monday, February 04, 2013

More of Dumb and Dumbest - C Hagel

From the ECI:-

Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released "Confusion," a web ad highlighting Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel's confused response at last week's hearing to questions about the Obama administration's Iran policy.
During his confirmation hearing on Thursday, Hagel could not explain -- despite repeated attempts -- the administration's policy of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Instead, Hagel first said he supported the president's policy of "containment," i.e. containing Iran after it acquires nuclear weapons. Then, attempting to correct himself, he said the administration "takes no position" on containment. Finally, Senator Levin was forced to explain to Hagel that "we do not favor containment."

ECI's executive director, Noah Pollak, said: "Is it too much to ask that the nominee for Secretary of Defense understands the policy of the Obama administration on the single most important national security challenge facing the United States?"



Anonymous said...

A heads up from Isaiah. Bebe do you remember the experience Hezekiah and with Sennacherib in II Kings. Considering you are about to receive a visit from the equivalent of the present day Nebuchadnezzar I think it would behoove you and all of Israel to read II kings that general area. Don't be charmed as Hezekiah was by Nebuchadnezzar or Israel will suffer the same fate Hezekiah did. You dodged the bullet of an expedited Syrian attack that was just a ruse for attacking Israel... the beast is enraged. He now is going to charm you with a visit. This is very dangerous now that we have become part of the mandated caliphate theocracy sworn for the destrucion of Israel.I know those are hard words but its not my business to put lipstick on a pig. Don't be fooled by our drone take downs of significant al qada leaders. They are being taken out as sacrifical wolfs in order to divert attention from his hidden agenda. He plays the American public like a fiddle, this guy is a genious. You know the bible says he is a fake, and imposter, a deceiver and a double crosser and that he will lie to Isreal and betray them, they go on to say that when you see the abomanation of desolation standing in the holy place, that would be the temple of "In God we Trust", he will be filled with great wrath and will turn against Isreal with incredible intense persecution and their will be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world nor ever shall be. HEADS UP BEBE!!!!

Anonymous said...

cLARIFICATION, God did not say scientists were stupid. That was my off the cuff remark. God said most scientists were mislead and deceived. They are inadvertently working with the Aclu and the darwinions...aiding and abedding a facade. If they would incorporate biblical teachings with their scientific findings they could be on track with God. Adam was in fact a scientist, placed on earth to name all the animals. God and Adam worked togeither in unison. And yes God is going to put those forces in place to take out the Haven of Heathens called the U.S. A repentance could forstall his wrath but Americans have become racalcitrant to Gods laws and now must face the music. And yes God did give Putin a heads up, as warnig to prevent him from doing something stupid in the future.