Friday, August 12, 2011

Tel Shiloh Archaeological Excavation: New Season Two, Phase I

The first 'new' season of archaeological excavations at Tel Shiloh was the four year dig lead by Israel Finkelstein, now Professor.  The 'old' season was, of course, the Danish excavation of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Last year, a second New Season was started and this year, Phase One has finished.

Some of the results:

a)  the excavation is currently a project sponsored by the Falic Family in cooperation with other bodies:

b)  looking directly north at the now uncovered large Roman-period structure that has been discovered just outside the 3,700-year old Canaanite wall that surrounds the Tel:

c) some of the inner rooms, well-defined:

d) looking from the north side:

e) a nicely finished wall or door frame:

f)  looking west with the Canaanite wall in the background:

I have heard that many artifacts were found but if any jars, I am unaware.

Archaeology is essential as a construct of Jewish nationalism.


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