Monday, August 01, 2011

On The Island in Norway

You are on an island in Norway and someone is shooting at you and killing all those around you, by the dozens.

What is the image that enters your young Labor party mind?

Nazis and...Gaza.

Why not?

Here is the report (k/t=AtlasShrugs)

On Utoya island, witnesses described how people cowered in buildings and jumped into the water to swim for their lives as the gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon.  Among the wounded was Adrian Pracon, who was shot in the left shoulder as the gunman opened fire.

Speaking to ABC News 24 from hospital, he said the scene on the island was like a "Nazi movie" and described how he felt the heat from the barrel of the gunman's weapon.

"He was armed with a gun and he was shooting people at close range and starting to shoot at us. He stood first 10 metres from me and shooting at people in the water," he said.

"He had an M16, it did look like a machine gun. When I saw him from the side yelling that he was about to kill us, he looked like he was taken from a Nazi movie or something.

"He started shooting at these people, so I laid down and acted as if I was dead. He stood maybe two metres away from me. I could hear him breathing. I could feel the heat of the machine gun.

..."He tried everyone, he kicked them to see if they were alive, or he just shot them.

"From what I saw he had one thing on his mind.

...Mr Pracon said he jumped into the water to swim for safety but turned around when he saw that the opposite shore was around 700 metres away.  "I swam back because I saw it was impossible for me to swim over. I'm very glad I did.

"Some of my friends tried to stop him by talking to him. Many people thought that it was a test ... comparing it to how it is to live in Gaza. So many people went to him and tried to talk to him, but they were shot immediately."