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Excerpts of a Twitter dialogue between Hussein Ibish (green) and Jewish bloggers (blue):

My latest column analyzes political implications of new book tracing the history of traditional Palestinian costume -

@ This fool @elderofziyon complains before 20s no one called themselves “Palestinians." Who called themselves “Israelis” before 40s? Moronic!

@Ibishblog You are claiming a centuries-old, specifically Palestinian culture in your article. Are you now backtracking and saying its Arab?

@elderofziyon Are you deliberately obtuse? Jewish & Arab identities old, but the Israeli & Palestinian identity are both new. At same time.

@Ibishblog Apparently , you never heard of the Jewish people.Now pointlessly engaging with Jewish racists, obscurantists & sophists. Frozen in non-thought, trapped in circular, solipsistic delusions.

@elderofziyon You completely misread my article, which clearly says contemporary Palestinian national identity is 20th century phenomenon.

@elderofziyon In fact, I can only think you didn't really read my article carefully at all, or are incapable of reading nuances carefully.

@elderofziyon There is an ancient & unbroken Palestinian history & culture, but like Israel's its particularist nationalism is 20th century.
@Ibishblog Wow.Let's keep it simple:Do you claim there is an"ancient and unbroken Palestinian history and culture"? Not Arab - Palestinian.

He refuses to understand this simple, obvious point because he is allergic to the idea that Palestinians have a deep history and culture.

Trying to explain to extremely stupid man that both Israeli & Palestinian identities are 20th century constructs that draw on ancient roots.

@elderofziyon Yes, by pulling that sentence out of it's much broader, more nuanced context, you are misreading everything. Deliberately so.

@Ibishblog How did I misread "an ancient and unbroken Palestinian history and culture really does exist."? Is 20th century "ancient"?

@jeffemanuel But there's no aspect of any such thing in my article whatsoever. The hysterical reaction is anti-Palestinian, not pro-Jewish.

They seem to think Palestinian identity is new & fake but the Israeli one ancient & authentic though both contemporary, born simultaneously.

It's really amazing that the mere mention of deep Palestinian history, culture and roots causes such extreme hysteria among some Zionists.

Ongoing still.


I joined:

@Ibishblog btw, Pal. Authority denies all the time and you support their denial campaign, no?

@ymedad No. I have always acknowledged the deep history and attachment of the Jewish people to the land. Read my work. Read something!

and more of me
@Ibishblog i will but wrong that Jewish nationality new development. that's a denial campaign. Jews & Land of Israel inseparable 3000 years
@Ibishblog well, stupid or not (do you have to get abusive?) it was head of Syrian Palestinian delegation to Harding 1921.
@Ibishblog good. that's one. did you answer my history question of who said?
@Ibishblog btw, Pal. Authority denies all the time and you support their denial campaign, no?
@Ibishblog Patheitc? I even read ZFoster
@Ibishblog even 8 yr olds know Jews/Hebrews/Israelites were indigenous population there despite foreign invasions including Arabs in 638
@Ibishblog amazed too that Arabs claim a separate distinct Pal. national identity when even they didn't at least until early 1920s
@Ibishblog really? who wrote to US President: "Syria and Palestine should form one country because inhabited by same Arab race"?
@ibishblog seems there's a contradiction there or u'r covering all bases.
@ibishblog "folkloric Pal. costumes r distinctive from other Levantine ones" yet "strongly connected 2 other Levantine traditional dress"
and Ibish:

Ibishblog Hussein Ibish

Extreme Zionists going NUTS over the assertion of a deeply-rooted if modern Palestinian national identity. This is insane really. Psychotic.

@ymedad Well, see my article explaining the history of those sentiments please -
@ymedad Makes no difference. The history is quite clear. I can find you any number of Jewish or Israeli quotes too. Stupid game. Grow up!
Ibishblog Hussein Ibish @JedGalilee @ymedad Just SO absurd. Palestinians don't forfeit national rights, identity because of participation in broader Arab identity.
@jonahbalfour In some ways, it was. All 20th century Arab and other new nationalisms, including the Israeli one, shaped by their contexts.
@RhymesWithRight @ymedad See Pres. Abbas' interview w/ Israeli TV last year where he acknowledged Jewish history and attachment to the land.
@ymedad No. I have always acknowledged the deep history and attachment of the Jewish people to the land. Read my work. Read something!

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