Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Islam is Pro-Jewish Jerusalem

There is even a Koranic passage which indicates that Jerusalem might not be so holy to Muslims, and is passed on to the Jews "

(Koran, Sura 2:145, "The Cow")

"...They would not follow thy direction of prayer (qiblah), nor art thou to follow their direction of prayer; nor indeed will they follow each other's direction of prayer..."

Commentators explain that "thy qiblah" (direction of prayer for Muslims) clearly refers the Ka'bah of Mecca, while "their qiblah" (direction of prayer for Jews) refers to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This Koranic passage appears to show that the holiness of Jerusalem a Jewish concept, and should not be confused with an Islamic concept.

The 13th-century Arab biographer and geographer Yakut noted: "Mecca is holy to Muslims, and Jerusalem to the Jews." ("The Jews of Islam" by Prof. Bernard Lewis, Princeton University Press 1987)

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