Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nothing Compares to a Jewish Mother

As I've noted before, Brooke Magnati is Jewish.

Brooke who?

The research scientist who was the blogging call girl Belle de Jour.

Recently, she announced:

“I miss the moment when you walk into a hotel, and get that feeling of, 'I’m about to do a job and I’m about to do it well'." Her nom de plume may not be entirely retired: “I think there might be a bit left in Belle de Jour yet,” she said.

Her mother is "proud of her".

The mother of high-class prostitute Belle de Jour...offered her full backing. Susan Levy even said she wanted an autographed copy of the memoir The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl.

Mrs Levy, 57, told the Daily Mail: 'When she told me, I wouldn't say I was shocked, I don't think shock is really the right word. But I was a bit surprised.

...'I am proud of her. She is an accomplished scientist and an accomplished writer too. She is a wonderful woman.'

American-born Dr Magnanti grew up in Florida with her parents, but they divorced in 1991...Mrs Magnanti reverted to her maiden name of Levy and now lives in a £75,000 in New York state close to the Canadian border.

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