Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Difference Between Two Depictions

This poster is not ony in bad taste and counterproductive but simply wrong.

The American people are behind Israel. The Congress is basically pro-Israel. Some Israelis just can't think straight.

Our adversaries are in the State Department, mainly.

This poster, though, is, or was, right on the mark:-


James Baker, who was secretary of state in Bush the elder's administration. It was at that time, when the Middle East was being discussed at a government meeting, and Jewish-Americans influence was mentioned, that Baker is supposed to have said, "Fuck the Jews. They don't vote for us anyway." Whether or not he did utter the pithy phrase (not surprisingly, he didn't confirm it publicly), the words were blazoned as a headline in one Israeli newspaper and Baker is execrated to this day in Israel and by its American supporters.

Here, too:

And then there was Secretary of State James Baker's infamous "fuck the Jews" remark. In a private conversation with a colleague about Israel, Baker reportedly uttered the vulgarity, noting that Jews "didn't vote for us anyway."

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Well, I've been making signs/banners of my own. I hope the message is clear enough:

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