Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let Me Know

Let me know when a left-wing humanitarian civil rights group posts this on their web site for action.

Eighteen Jews from various outposts in the Yitzhar area of the Shomron (Samaria) received administrative orders over the Sukkot holiday ordering them to leave their homes, and in some cases all of Judea and Samaria, for periods ranging from three months to a year.

No compensation was offered and the reason given by the IDF was so that the individuals will not bother Arabs during the olive harvest.

Those receiving the orders were: Boaz Albert (father of five), Nerya Ofan (father of five, previously placed in administrative detention ahead of Disengagement), Hanoch Albert (father of three), Aryeh Gruner (father of one), Meir Bartler (father of one), Eran Schwartz (father of one), Yehoyariv (father of one) and Shlomo Meir (father of one), Edan Malul, Yehuda Meir, Oriya Cohen, Hen Raz, Hanan Herbst, Yehoshua and Yehuda Albert, Hillel Shiloach, Mordechai Noam, Elad Keller

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Anonymous said...

Jews, the only people not allowed to live in the west bank or pray on the Temple Mount. Nothing like a free society