Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ironic, No?

Seems that five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor are facing the death penalty in Libya based on a charge that they deliberately infected hundreds of children with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS.

The doctor and nurses, who had been working at a hospital in Benghazi, were arrested in 1999. They confessed under torture, according to human rights organizations, but later protested their innocence. The charges that they deliberately infected more than 400 children were clearly bogus.

One of the world’s greatest experts on H.I.V., Dr. Luc Montagnier, testified that the real cause of the infections was poor hygienic practices at the hospital. The infections emerged before the accused started working at the hospital and continued to spread after they were thrown in jail.

The six medical workers were convicted and sentenced to death in 2004, while nine Libyans who worked at the same hospital were acquitted. The convictions were overturned by the Libyan Supreme Court, which ordered a retrial.

Considering all that the Pals. themselves have accused Israel (poisoning water, distributing infected chewing gum, and other silly sotries), I hope the Pal. doctor there is thinking about his situation.

Ironic, no?


Anonymous said...

There is a miscarriage of justice here and all you can do is score a point against Palestinians. You have no shame.

YMedad said...

I can see your point but we have a phrase in Hebrew - middah k'neged middah - which comes out in English: what goes around, comes around. The Pals. fomented blatant antisemitic propaganda accusing us Israelis of horrible and fantastic crimes (poisoning wells, poisoning sheep, Suha claiming we use poison gas, etc.).

Go here to check out blood libels and sterilizing chewing gum:

Here's another list:
A repulsive libel accuses Israel of conducting experiments on Palestinians reminiscent of human experiments done by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Palestinians blame Israel for “using the Palestinian Land and body as a field for experiment, by marketing there new chemical pesticides… and based on the results of the use they decide whether or not to market them in the Israeli markets…” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 9, 1999]

During the ceremonial opening of the Palestinian ‘Food Day’ exhibit:
“… Shahin [Palestinian minister of supplies Abd Al-Aziz Shahin] reviews the efforts of the office of supplies to protect Palestinian civilians from the spoiled food products, and specifies that the main source of these products is Israel and its settlements…” [Al-Ayyam, Nov. 11, 1999]

The Head of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Association accused Israel - in a style reminiscent of the medieval libels of Jews poisoning wells - that:
“[Israel] floods our markets with hundreds of thousands of tons of food products which are unfit for human consumption…the common goal which stands behind this is the proliferation of disease, weakness, and slow death in the Palestinian body through indirect means… Milk, which is designated for fattening calves, is packaged and smuggled to the Palestinian markets and sold as milk for babies… The distribution of meat and lamb, which are filled with carcinogenic hormones is done intentionally…[and they engage in] the penetration of poisons and filth-ridden products and smuggling them to us.

You bet I found the position of that Pal. doctor ironic. Without shame.