Friday, October 06, 2006

Arab Intragroup Violence

There's a paralellel in this story with the Pals.:-

Mau Mau veterans to sue Britain over torture and illegal killings in Kenya

An ageing group of former Mau Mau insurgents will launch a legal action in Britain next week accusing the army and colonial authorities of torturing or illegally killing thousands of Kenyans during the rebellion for independence 50 years ago.

Lawyers acting for Mau Mau veterans say they will serve notice on the Foreign Office of an intent to seek compensation for human rights abuses for a group of about 10 Kenyans, seen as a test case.

The claimants have given accounts of rape, systematic and prolonged beatings and other physical tortures that caused permanent injury and starvation as part of a British policy to break the rebellion. Some also witnessed killings.
If the case comes to court it is likely to divide Kenya by highlighting the part played in suppressing the Mau Mau by Kenyans who went on to hold senior government posts, and because insurgents killed many more black Kenyans than white settlers.

You see, the same thing happened during 1936-1939. Although 525 Jews were killed by Arabs, and many hundreds more of Arabs killed by British and Hagana and Irgun forces, the largest total of dead Arabs was the result of the "peace camp gangs", the units faithful to the Nashashibis rather than the Husseinis.

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