Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yanush's Blast

Yanush Ben-Gal, Northern Command Head during the Litani Operation and Armored Corps Commander during the Peace Over Galilee Operation, and Ran Pecker, previously Commander of the Air Force Training Base and a fighter pilot, tore apart the IDF's handling of the military operations as well as the government's direction.

For 10 minutes I sat watching Channel 10 news at 9:45 PM (via Internet as I have no cable or dish) and became progressively aghast and angry as they pointed out failing after failing. Blame was not directed at anyone in particular and they basically defended outgoing General Udi Adam. But they criticized every other aspect.

I am sure that this will be written up and maybe already by tomorrow we'll see the analyses.

I just wanted you out there to know that finally, the dam has burst on this government's inability to defend Israel, its borders, its citizens and the worse is yet to come - the accepatnce of a cease-fire that will turn into a war of attrition.

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