Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Barak Busted

In connection with the above, here's one person's opinion about the last six years:-

The Israeli Army was deliberately sabotaged and weakened over a period of six years, through the actions of the European Socialist regimes acting through their Leftist quisling puppets outside and inside the Israeli government.

The Crimes of Sharon, Olmert, Halutz and Peres:

The Leftist quislings in the Israeli government allowed Hezbollah Guerrillas and Iranian Soldiers to build sophisticated, technologically advanced command and control bases, complete with satellite systems and communications equipment, along the Border and all over Lebanon, and to Arm themselvs with stores of sophisticated, deadly anti-Tank missiles, rockets, mortars, grenades, machine guns, tunnels and bunkers, and hundreds if not thousands of mobile rocket launchers.

It was the deliberate obfuscation and misinformation campaign waged by Sharon, Ezra, Barak, Olmert, Peres, and their leftist cabal at every level of government to hide the Arming and training of Hezbollah along the Northern Border, that they had recklessly abandoned without conditions in 2000. The concept of "unconditional withdrawal" was born in 1993, and once undertaken, the Israeli government then used all resources at its disposal in every branch of government and the media, to cover-up its related dangers and failures in a misinformation campaign; and each successive "unconditional withdrawal" was then undertaken to avoid exposing the culpability and failures of those involved. The Disengagement Plan and resultant Expulsion of Jews can be compared to feeding the monster you are hiding in the basement to keep him quiet: an attempt to obfuscate and keep the Nasrallah Monster, the Israeli government had created, quiet.

What was the Disengagement in reality? It was the deliberate weakening of the Israeli Army over a period of six years, by using officers, planning and resources and facilities, and training entire brigades and reservists on Jewish eviction techniques, such as the "locking arms technique," the "five rings plan" and the "grab an arm and put fingers in settler's nose technique." As a result, Entire brigades were never trained in fighting Hezbollah guerrillas, training exercises were never performed that would prepare soldiers for their current missions inside Hezbollah infested villages, and proper military equipment was never ordered that would assist the soldiers in their current battles.

I personally think that some of the claims of "deliberateness" are exagerrated. Our politicians are not the smartest people in the world and they make errors of judgment. Also, the "disengagement", as a plan and program, evolved only in late 2003 although one could say that withdrawing from territories ("territories for peace") has been around since 1967 (I remember an ad signed by Haim Hanegbi, Mokover and the other comrades of Matzpen or some other radical group in Haaretz in September).

But, some of the remarks and observations are relevant.


yitz said...

Whom are you quoting? And what makes you so sure it wasn't deliberate? At the very least it's the ULTIMATE in incompetence, and the people oughta be first thrown out of power, then tried for either treason or incompetence!!!

YMedad said...

It was sent to me anonymously. And even extremist I don't think anything like this was "deliberate" and in "full recognition".

They're not competent enough.