Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is Jerusalem for Sale?

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Here's an update on the Vatican-Mt. Zion real estate deal:


after two years of work, the yeshiva was supposed to meet with government/municipality/ministry (?) to review the leases and make sure they were air tight. That meeting that was to be held after Sukkot was abruptly cancelled and NOT rescheduled.


there's a letter of THREAT written very "nicely" written by a guy named DAVID BARTHOLDY. tried getting Bartholdy on the internet and wasn't able to do so.

Finally, having read the letter again and again, noticed for the first time that on top of the fax, it said, "Kertesz-Groag Arch," and realized, this guy must be working for an architectural firm. haven't found the firm yet, but found that:

In 1970, Architects Gabriel KERTESZ and Shmuel GROAG were put in charge of the urban renewal of YEMIN MOSHE by the East Jerusalem Development Company and the Jerusalem Foundation.

This jives with the story that Arabs from the East Jerusalem Development Company were seen touring the mountain.

Gabriel Kertesz, specialises in revitalisation of historical urban sites. Among his projects: Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Sha¹ananim, Jerusalem, and Zichron Ya¹akov KERTESZ and GROAG are also named as the architects who were supposed to completely redesign LIFTA.

So these are very big heavy hitters, and obviously, their plan is NOT just for a little room above KING DAVID'S TOMB, but more likely, an ENTIRE Christendom

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