Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Cantor Sings "Off-Broadway"

Sent to The New York magazine [corrected] by Orthomom who was upset that the annual sex issue didn't arrive in brown-wrapping, and after finding out that Columbia University's sex columnist grew up Orthodox, I fished around and found Dudu Fisher:

Great news for show-tune-loving Jews: The new semi-regular cantor at the New York Synagogue on East 58th Street (an offshoot of the society-packed— and -backed—Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton) has played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables on Broadway and the West End and in his native Tel Aviv. In Dudu Fisher’s debut service earlier this month, he performed traditional Jewish choral pieces accented with outtakes from Les Miz and Phantom of the Opera to a packed house of prayer. Of his new star tenor, Rabbi Marc Schneier says, “We’ve raised the bar in terms of what’s available to the Jewish consumer on the Upper East Side.”


Don Radlauer said...

Ummm... a small correction might be in order. The link took me to New York Magazine, which apparently does have an annual sex issue. To my knowledge, The New Yorker does not have sex issues, annual or otherwise. Of course, I may just be out of touch.

(Hmmm... would my blog's readership increase if I started writing occasional "sex posts"? Considering the way I write, probably not.)

YMedad said...

Will correct.