Monday, July 11, 2005

This Is How You Do It

Just after I finished putting up the previous entry on the lack of understanding of correct nonviolent methods. this below came across my screen. It's from the Gush Shalom list, those people who are protesting the fence construction who have so far taken out one soldier's eye and indirectly led another Border policeman to his death when he fell off a cliff and was stoned by nonviolent Arabs.

Anyway, it shows what can be done without much fanfare.

"An armoured jeep was parked across the road, and in front of it were five soldiers and an officer. Quite sufficient to block any vehicle - but we have left our bus inconspicuously parked near the giant settlement of Kiryat Sefer and continued on foot, easily by-passing the blockading soldiers. The lieutenant could be clearly heard, speaking into his communicator: "Too many people, sir, we could do nothing"...

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