Monday, June 20, 2005

Oh How They Lie

Ha'Aretz reported on Sunday that MK Mohammed Barakeh and Hadash Party supporters honored "three fallen heroes" with a march so as to “remember three hung by Brits in ‘29”. The hanged did not actually “struggle for their land against the British”, as Barakeh claims.

The three, hanged on June 17, 1930 (not 1929), were of an original group of 17 sentenced to death. Ata’ah Ahmed El-Zir and Muhammed Halil Abu-Jamjam of Hebron and Fuad Hajazi of Safed were found guilty of killing Jews, not British. They participated in one of the worst and hideous attacks on innocent civilians in the pre-state era. The Jews of Hebron and Safed had distanced themselves for the new Zionist pioneering enterprise but these three, and thousands more, pillaged their property, raped their women, butchered their men and slaughtered their children.

This, then, is the highlight of the activities of the Tawfiq Ziyad Center for National Culture and Creativity (!)which co-sponored the march.

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