Monday, June 27, 2005

Misquoted Am I

Some of you may have seen this NYTimes report in which I am mentioned and my words quoted.

This is one part of the quotation:-
"If Israel continues to retreat and weaken its position, things will only get worse."
Actually, I'm peeved.

In the quote, I was referring to the security situation and I had mentioned the continued Kassams and the shooting on Friday as a result of the removal of a restrictive roadblock in deference to Condi Rice's diktat. The "things" were terror attacks and not where 8000 expelled civilians will end up living, without denigrating that problem.

I had attempted to point out to the reporter that the government's decision on Nitzanim, which served as the kick-off for our conversation, was only one element in a larger picture of Israel's predicament now that Sharon is continuing to press forward with disengagement. This, despite the anarchy in the PA-controlled areas, despite the terror, despite the killings as a result of the removal of the roadblock, the homocide attempt at Soroka Hospital, etc.

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