Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Neo-Yevsektsyists

As I have blogged previously, the involvement of American Jews in anti-Zionist and anti-Israel activities preceded claims of an "illegal occupation" by over a half-century.

Many groups were involved. From assimilationists to Reform rabbis. The American Council for Judaism. Bundists and other various socialists and communists. Then Breira. On on to today's IfNotNow, JVP, et al.

One group I left out, mainly because I felt uneasy including them because of the immoral actions they were involved in and the operations they themselves initiated against the their fellow brethren was the Yevsektsyia.  It was founded in 1918 and abolished in 1930, when their appointed task was achieved - the destruction of the traditional framework of Jewish life.

The Tarbuth Hebrew educational system was suppressed while Yiddish was elevated. Zionist activity was prohibited. Immigration to Mandate Palestine was severely restricted. By the way, it was for a Hungarian non-Jewish communist, László Rajk in 1949, that the phrase 'international Zionism' was coined.

At the Yevsektsiya's second conference in July 1919, it demanded that the Zionist organisations be dissolved. After an appeal from the Zionists, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee issued a decree in that the Zionist organisation was not counter-revolutionary and its activities should not be disrupted. The campaign continued, however. In 1920, the first All-Russian Zionist Congress was disrupted by members of the Cheka and a female representative of the Yevsektsiya. At its third conference in July 1921, the Yevsektsiya demanded the "total liquidation" of Zionism.

David Collier has noted the parallels between then and now as regards a renewed Yevsektsyia phenomenon. 

I just hope these neo-Yevsektsiyists remembered that the Communists eradicated the old ones, usually through torture, show trials and hangings.



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Mr. Cohen said...

Andrés Spokoiny (CEO of Jewish Funders Network) said:

“As a community, we are mostly Jewishly illiterate, and we maintain few specifically Jewish practices. When we engage in social causes and call it Tikkun Olam, we often use that term to invoke Jewish values and concepts without ever quite exploring them.”

SOURCE: Speaking of Jewish Identity
by Andrés Spokoiny 2016 May 25

“Today, tikkun olam is part of modern, liberal discourse, even though its popularized connotation has little to do with its traditional meaning.”

The Real Meaning of Tikkun Olam
by Curt Biren 2016 August 18,
from the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Tikkun Olam” has, in recent years, become the buzz phrase of American Jewish progressives. “Let us take care of the poor and downtrodden,” proponents say, “whether they are in our backyard or anywhere around the world — for that is what the Torah wants us to do.” To the advocates of “tikkun olam,” this Hebrew phrase has come to mean “healing the world.”

But if you read the actual text, you’ll see that the phrase means ensuring that the execution of law does not result in a disintegration of society. And in Jewish mystical texts, the phrase connotes a reconciliation between the spiritual and material worlds.

SOURCE: Being a Good Person
Is Not the Be All and End All

by Pini Dunner 2017 May 5

Evelyn Gordon
(a journalist living in Israel) said:

...Jewish Leftists have spent decades trying to conflate tikkun olam with a particular set of Progressive policies, such that anyone opposing those policies ipso facto opposes tikkun olam. And as evidenced by that speaker’s choice of words, they have succeeded: Even their Jewish opponents now view tikkun olam as a “Leftist Progressive ideology.”

But by appropriating tikkun olam as their own exclusive property, Leftists have discredited the entire concept…

article by Evelyn Gordon, 2019 April 10
How to destroy Jewish and
democratic values in one easy step

Mr. Cohen said...

Cornelius Tacticus, the famous Roman historian
who lived from year 56 CE (approximately)
to year 120 CE said:

“Much of Judea is thickly studded with
villages, and the Jews have towns as well.

Their capital is Jerusalem.

Here stood their Temple with its boundless riches.”

The Western World (page 141)
by Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009 CE

The Histories by Tacitus,
The Jews (Book 5), paragraph 8 of 13.

NOTE: Remember this when people
attempt to deny that Jews lived in the Holy Land.
Remember this when people attempt to deny
that there was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Mr. Cohen said...

Saudi journalist Fahad al-Shammari
declared [in a television interview] that:

“the Palestinians are beggars,” and “have no honor”.

SOURCE: PA and Jordanian
incitement against Saudi Arabia

by Yoni Ben Menachem of JCPA, 2019/7/28

Mr. Patrick Condell described the Palestinians as:

“the World's most tiresome cry-babies with a bogus
cause and a plight that is entirely self-inflicted”.

SOURCE: The Great Palestinian Lie
by Mr. Patrick Condell, 2011 October 6

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Medad,

Your timing is remarkable.

In light of Israel's refusal of entry to antisemites Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, this tweet, by Bernie Sanders, may be of interest:

While the immediate motivation for Sanders' comment is of course different than the larger set of circumstances and conditions that gave rise to the yevsektsiya, the underlying impetus for his comments - on a social and psychological level - are, I think, somewhat similar.

Of course, that does not begin to address his staggering ignorance of Jewish / Israeli history...

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"

Under the sun, there is nothing new.