Saturday, August 10, 2019




Mr. Cohen said...

Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

The Grand Mufti [Islamic leader] of Jerusalem,
in addition to becoming Hitler’s ally during
World War II, adapted Nazi genocidal
theory to Islamic theology.

He called on his Muslim brothers to:
“Murder the Jews! Murder them all.”

Other Islamic leaders used Nazi words like
“extermination” in referring to the goals
of Arab victory [against Israel].

SOURCE: Chutzpah
by Alan M. Dershowitz (chapter 4, page 119)
published in year 1991, by Little Brown & Co
ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374

Mr. Cohen said...

Determined to keep Jews from Palestine,
on 12 May [1942 CE] Haj Amin [al Husseini,
the Mufti* of Jerusalem] asked
Hitler to press the Bulgarian government
not to allow the [Jewish] children to leave.

His intervention was effective.

On 27 May [1942 CE], Clifford Norton reported
from Berne that the Bulgarian government
“have now decided, under German pressure,”
to close the Bulgarian Turkish frontier
“to all Jews.”

* NOTE: A mufti is an Islamic
scholar and interpreter of Islamic religious laws.

SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
(chapter 17, page 194) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007

Mr. Cohen said...

Mr. Sean Durns [a senior research
analyst for CAMERA dot org] said:

In 1937, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,
Amin al-Husseini released an
“Appeal to All Muslims of the World,” urging
them “to cleanse their lands of the Jews”
and laying the foundation for the anti-Semitic
arguments used by radical Arab nationalists
and Islamists to this day.

The Mufti’s war against the Jews
by Mr. Sean Durns, 2019 July 24