Sunday, January 20, 2019

Jodi Jacobson, Progressive Jew - For the Record

For the record, I quote: 

Sarsour is undaunted. She is, in her own word, an “unapologetically Muslim, and unapologetically Palestinian American” person who is willing to protest and be arrested to save other people’s lives. So it does not surprise me that in what can often be a petty world, she would intimidate and unsettle many who are used to other forms of leadership. And it does not surprise me that white American Jews would find her unsettling because, generally speaking, too many of us like Muslims who don’t talk too much about Palestinian rights.

That's in an article by Jodi Jacobson, entitled "Attacks on the Women’s March Expose Race and Class Bias Among White Jews and Progressives" posted on Jan 18, 2019.

Jodi is self-described as

Analyst, writer, mom. Feminist. Thinker & doer. Realist & dreamer. Progressive but not predictable. Editor-in-Chief, @Rewire_news. UW Madison alum.

Her full details are here, including that

Her previous work experience includes serving as director of advocacy at American Jewish World Service

Her mother may be a former Playboy Bunny. 

Here is some of her analysis:

Farrakhan is an 87-year-old man with no power
To a great extent, when we talk about anti-Semitism among Black people in the United States, we are not really talking about anti-Semitism as we conceive it.
white Jews, of which I am one, too often see “anti-Semitism” in what is really the legitimate anger and despair of Black people at being dehumanized and marginalized by a social and economic system made for and perpetuated by white people, of which Jewish Americans have, indisputably, become much more a part than Black Americans, anti-Semitism notwithstanding.
the entire conversation has been turned from focusing on the most vulnerable, i.e. communities of color, to focusing on the angst of white Jews. In a way, it’s analogous to the debates between “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter,” the latter being true in the abstract, but the former a statement of the profound war on Black people and people of color waged every day by our economic system, social system, the security state, and now the Jewish community. 
Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, both principals at Facebook and arguably two of the most powerful people in the world, have actually endangered more Jews in this country than anyone outside the Trump administration. They did so purposefully, using resources to deflect attention from Facebook’s own role in promoting racism, anti-Semitism, and subverting democracy during the election and afterward. And yet no one is interviewing them incessantly on why they actually promoted anti-Semitism. Nor do I see the same actors in the women’s rights or Jewish communities calling for them to step down as I do Mallory, 
attacks by some liberals and progressives over the past year on the leaders of the Women’s March have helped undermine what is potentially one of the most important social justice movements of the past century. In my view, privileged white women generally and privileged white Jewish women (again, of which I am one) are in part responsible.

I was prodded.


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