Sunday, August 05, 2018

Why Arabs Were Palestine's "Non-Jews" Only

The simple fact is that "Palestine" was to be the Jewish national home and that all other residents were simply "non-Jews" rather than "Arabs" and that is because the Arabs were to have the rest of most of the Middle East, what was left of the huge Ottoman Empire.

Only a fraction of the area was to be Jewish:

They wanted it all?



Anonymous said...

"Palestine" was to be the Jewish national home..." Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had an idea for blacks home in Africa, where to put all the freed slaves? It came to be and was called Liberia, soon the freed slaves transported there took their own slaves. Seem like something similar is a very real fact to have happened in Israel! You have become Nazis.

dan said...

To anonymous: Was Lincoln a Nazi or the Black slaves that returned to there soil were Nazis? Whom you resemble Israel?