Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Make "Palestine" Eretz-Yisrael

I read this item and learned that is selling T-shirts that say "Make Israel Palestine Again".  That is an encouragement to end the State of Israel. Similar shirts are available on

The slogan "Make Israel Palestine Again" is used often on social media not to mention the chant "From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free".

They look like this:

What do do?


And this?



Stephen Franklin said...

I think Amazon has stopped selling it. At least the page on which they were selling it no longer works.

Stephen Franklin said...

Correction The link no longer works but the link still works.

Stephen Franklin said...

My correction is itself an error. It is not on either. Apologies.

dan said...

I know that Palestine is the Land of Israel and the Land of Israel is Palestine. Palestine is the English [Latin, Hellenic] name of the Land of Israel. The word "Palestine" is derived from the Hebrew word [and is identical to the northern Semitic languages] Plishtim after the Hebrew verb Palash-P.L.SH - invaded; Polshim / Plishtim - invaders, Pleshet - the land of the invaders. Gaza - Ashdod area was not the only Biblical Palestine in the region. Greater Palestine was located on the northern coast of today's Syria [and is mentioned in the Bible in connection with David's wars against Aram in the north and a coalition he established with the northern Philistines].

In Hebrew:

The Greeks were already called in the 5th century to the entire eastern coast of the Mediterranean - Philistinea and the Romans called it Palestinea as a geographical term. The name Palestine was distinguished in Christian culture only to the Land of Israel on both sides of the Jordan River only in 135 AD, after Adrianus [Hadrian] suppressed the Bar Kokhba revolt. He aslo called Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina, a pagan name, after Jupiter. Palestine was mentioned mainly in some foreign official documents while Aelia Capitolina was rapidly forgotten, from religious reasons. The Christian cultural space referred to the Land of Israel as the Holy Land, the land of the Israelites. The name Palestine returned to political use with the establishment of the British Mandate for Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River, and before the eastern part of Palestine was torn up and handed over to the Saudi Hashemite dynasty as political reward for their loyalty to British colonialism. Saying Palestine wasn't attributed to the Arab existence in the land of Israel but as a synonym to the land of Israel. Arabs rejected the name "Palestine" because they identified it with Western Christian invaders' culture and sticked to their old name as "Southern Syria". After saying all that I want toremind all the fact that today Arab Palestinian have no any link to ancient Greek Palestinians. They are mainly Arab invaders.