Thursday, April 12, 2018

So, When Is The Holiday?

Today, the Temple Mount is closed to Jews.

the solemn celebration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Israah (Night Journey to Jerusalem) and “Miraj” (Ascension to Heaven) on the 27th Night of Rajab. The Israh Wal Mi’raj: It’s symbolism of the Night Journey which in Arabic is called “Israah” and “Miraj” is ascension to heaven by the Holy Prophet of Islam.
Credit: Arnon Segal

But when is that holiday?

I checked:

a) "the Directorate of Religious Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments in Bahrain, said it will hold the annual ceremony of the Isra Wal Miraj after Isha (evening) prayers on Thursday, April 12 (Rajab 26,1439 in the Islamic calendar) at the Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic Centre in Bahrain."

b) "In Oman Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal bin Saud Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court, Chairman of the Civil Service Council yesterday issued a decision declaring Sunday 28 Rajab 1439 AH corresponding to April 15, 2018 as an official holiday for employees at ministries, public authorities and other departments of the State's Administrative Apparatus on the occasion of the blessed anniversary of Al Isra'a Wal Miraj."

c) "UAE announces details of Al Isra Wa Al Miraj holiday: Al Isra Wa Al Miraj holiday will fall on the weekend, meaning public and private sector employees working on Saturday will get a day off. The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources said ministries, federal agencies and all private sector establishments will resume work on Sunday. Schools had initially told parents that Thursday may be a day off for pupils, but later said it was a normal school day."

d) "Parking in the emirate of Dubai will be free on Saturday, April 14, on account of the holiday for Isra Wal Miraj, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said as it announced changes to the working hours of all its services for that day. Paid parking will be reactivated on Sunday, April 15."

e) and according to Wafa news agency, in Palestine "Saturday is an official holiday marking al-Isra wal-Miraj Muslim holiday."

So, when is the holiday?


Even if the special prayers begin on Thursday evening, why close the compound to visits by Jew and other non-Muslims today?



Amman, Apr.15 (Petra) -- HRH Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein, on Sunday, attended a ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places, marking the anniversary of Al Israa wal Miraj, Prophet Mohammad’s nocturnal journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven.

Jordan's Waqf oversees the Temple Mount's Islamic shrines. So what day was the holiday? 



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