Sunday, October 29, 2017

Prehistoric Shiloh

I found out that this past Saturday there was an Indian Festival at Shiloh on Saturday.

Not in my Shiloh but at the one in Tennessee.

It was the Chickasaw Heritage Festival held at the Shiloh Indian National Historic Landmark, located on Shiloh battlefield.

The festival brings together traditional Native American music, demonstrations, storytelling, and scholarly talks. Tribe members from the Chickasaw Nation will return to their ancestral homeland for a day of cultural demonstrations that include stickball, the Chickasaw Nation dance troupe, archaeology, storytelling and demonstration of pre-historic weapons.

Shiloh is one of the very few places in the eastern United States where remains of prehistoric houses are still visible on the ground’s surface. About 800 years ago, a town occupied the high Tennessee River bluff at the eastern edge of the Shiloh plateau.

If pre-historic is 800 years ago, what is the standard at my Shiloh in Binyamin where we have finds going back over 3500 years? 


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