Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No Fair Play There

I recently saw an exchange in England's parliament on "demolitions, settlement expansion and land appropriation in the west bank."

I hastened to write to an MP so:

I caught your parliamentary question of 17 October on the situation in Palestine/West Bank/Judea and Samaria.
May I extend to you an invitation to visit a Jewish community in the area next time you are in the area?
I hope you would agree that listening to both sides, at the least, provides one with information and perspective that increases understanding of any issue.

In the automatic reply I received, I spied this:

Parliamentary protocol dictates that I can only assist residents of Sunderland Central with constituency related enquiries.

So, an MP can interfere in my part of the globe, way away from England, while I, who am affected by the views and actions the MP holds and takes, may not be allowed communication that would assist me?

Not very British fair play, I'd say.

But, perhaps, if I am not assisted, communication is possible?


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