Sunday, February 26, 2017

J St. Description Contest

I have already noted that I do not use Holocaust nor Nazi terminology when dealing with other Jews.

It is not nice. It is unnecessary. It is not proper and there is no possible comparison of circumstances that could justify such linguistic usage.

Would the Senators at David Friedman's confirmation hearing like it if I termed their questioning as an "inquisition"?

Friedman's "worse than kapos" has its own inner logic - that whereas these people were forced, J Streeters seem actually to delight in their destructive work, underrmining Israel's security and diplomatic support while pretending to be "pro-Israel, pro-peace" - but that still does not justify employing the term "kapos".

Jeremy Ben-Ami, who works to the detriment of his father's legacy*, has now, I read, declared that his organization's 

"challenges are not limited to the Middle East"

Well, I guess we're in for some possible pro-Islamist reorienting.

In any case, without resort to Holocaust/Nazi language terms and certainly no profanity, what would you call J Street?

Traitors has already been taken, in a sense.  As has Juedische Selbsthass”.

Can someone come up with a new longuistic form?



Who wrote the following:

Western political leaders have acquired a concern for 'Arab-Palestinian homelessness', which is selfishly economic rather than humanitarian.  At the same time they ignore that three quarters of the original Palestine Mandate area is now under Palestinian-Arab rule.  The sooner disaspora Jews and the Hebrew nation recognize these new realities, the stronger they will be.

The Hebrew renaissance offers a painful choice to Jews.  They can live in the diaspora, often  facing isolation, persecution and ambivalent identities, or they can return to their ancient land and face perils, but with a chance for honorable self-fulfillment and an end to wandering...

It was Yitzhaq Ben-Ami, father of Jeremy Ben-Ami, on page 544 of his book. 
Years of Wrath, Days of Glory.

Think about that.



ketzel said...

They're like the house slaves of Gone with the Wind. So, house Jews. They get to live in the house with Miss Scarlett, unlike the field Jews (Zionists).

Shtrudel said...

Not much to think about regarding Ben Ami's position... A person's offspring are far more likely to have diametrically opposed views then a random stranger... Not really that surprising considering family dynamics...

As for other J-Streeters, being in a charitable mood today I'd say that Stalin had it right... Useful idiots!...