Friday, January 06, 2017

Belated But Published

This letter was originally sent in on November 11.

Munib al-Masri reveals that as a child he was engaged, during the British Palestine Mandate period, in derailing trains with rocks on the tracks, with a success rate of 80% ("The journey of one of the wealthiest Palestinians", Nov. 11).

Given that indeed these acts of his took place, we must assume that this was in the time of the Arab Disturbances of 1936-1939, years which the 1946 Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry termed were those of "the Arab campaign of murder and sabotage" as between 1940-1947, there were no similar violent anti-British actions by Arabs. 

Since he was born in 1934, at the most, he was perhaps five-years old when fighting the British and obviously was a child of physical talent and capability.  That is, if his tale is true.

It now has appeared in today's Jerusalem Post Weekend Magazine.

Better late than never.


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Shtrudel said...

al-Masri?!... Doesn't that literally mean "The Egyptian" in Arabic?!...

(that's a rhetorical question)