Thursday, December 08, 2016

Palestinian Talibans vs. the Biblical Narrative

Are you incensed when you read about Orthodox Jews suspected of painting grafitti on churches and mosques?

Are you angry when you learn that in some cases even arson is involved?

Read this (h/t=RH) and let me know how you feel:-

Biblical Jewish fortress vandalized once again

Fortress built in 800 BCE vandalized in Sebastia National Park, a Jewish and Christian heritage site; culprits smashed a 2,000-year-old marble pillar buttressing the palace in the ancient capital of Israel.

The incident is the second time vandalism has occurred within three months at the archeological site against antiquities directly connected with Israeli heritage...This is not the first time that biblical treasures have been vandalized. Indeed, graffiti was sprayed at the site denouncing Judaism and Christianity, while Christian monuments were defiled, antiquities were robbed, and seats in a Roman amphitheater were damaged.

There was this three months ago, too:

The Parks Division of the Civil Administration in conjunction with the District Coordinator's office and the Samaria brigade removed the Palestinian flagpole at Sebastia upon which a PLO flag had illegally been hung this morning. The Sebastia site, considered to be the site of the ancient city of Samaria, is situated in area C under Israeli civil and military control and therefore the flag constitutes trespassing and illegal use of land.  This is the third time the flag was removed and now the flagpole has been removed as well.

Background here, including this bit:

The PA’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities brochure avoids any mention of Israel or a Jewish connection to the site. It notes that Sebastia was “an important administrative and political regional capital during the Iron Age II and III” and was “a major urban center during the Hellenistic period,” but makes no reference to the Israelite Kingdom or the Hasmoneans. A Palestinian description of Sebastia in a bid to have it listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site goes to even greater lengths to omit references to the city’s Jewish history, referring to it as the former “capital of the northern kingdom during the Iron Age II,” and alluding to Jewish figures such as Omri and John Hyrcanus without explanation.

And this.  And this.


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