Tuesday, December 13, 2016

An Alternative Two-State Solution

I didn't expect this from someone whose career was as a tournament-winning professional golfer on the PGA TOUR and its Champions Tour. In 1965 he co-founded and helped lead the PGA TOUR Bible Study:-

From a review:

...the 3rd section discusses the future of the region in the light of Bible prophecy. Two key aspects of Kermit's case are that 1) God gave land to each nation, including Philistia, and 2) Israel NEVER ruled Philistia completely (i.e. never fully obeyed God's directive). Its greatest extent of control over Philistine territory came during the 20-year period of 96-76 BC during the rule of Hasmonean leader Alexander Jannaeus. From this, Kermit argues that modern Israel's occupation of the Plain of Philistia is contrary both to historical precedent and also to the express will of God (44, i.e. He'd given the land to the Philistines, later challenging the Israelites to take it [by trusting Him to give them victory in battle], but they failed to do so [i.e. their fear of the Philistines overcame their faith in God to deliver victory]).

His proposal involves carving out historic Philistia for a Palestinian state, from the usually dry stream "Wadi el Arish" in NE Egypt as its SW border to the seasonal stream "Nahal Sorek" in the NE (between Ashdod and Joppa/Tel Aviv), extending roughly 15 miles inland across what the Bible calls the "Philistine Plain" to the Shephelah (i.e. "lowlands"), to include all 5 historic Philistine cities of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath. Most of the land would come from Israel, with a small section in the SW coming from Egypt.

And he's still pushing the idea as an alternative two-state solution.

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