Monday, November 02, 2015

Stories of a Fake 'Palestinian' Narrative

Rachel's Tomb, Bethlehem, a century ago:-

Notice the heavily populated and constructed Arab town of Bethlehem.



Note the twitter battle.

Some tweets:

@DovBear ‏of [sic] you can't tell the truth put away your pen. Your lies damage and undermine jews and Zionism.
you think you're helping. In reality you're setting us back. You're doing damage.
people like you are BAD for the cause of zionism because your see through lies and hack journalism deligitmize us
just fix your lies and propaganda and stop giving jews and zinoism a black eye with your disreputable behavior
you posted propaganda in the style of a PA liar. Own it and fix it or you are just like them. 
if a Palestinian had tried that trick and explanation youd scream. Stop being a phoney.


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