Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yachad, Together with 'Palestine'

You can read Yachad UK letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, and Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood and cringe.

Yachad is a spin-off combo replication of Peace Now, B'tselem and J Street.

At a Limmud session almost two years ago, I so upset Yachad's head, Hannah Weisfeld, at a presentation entitled "Apartheid Roads and Other Lies You're Told" that she participated with two others in a barracking maneuver (but got very upset the next day when I, alone, tried to put questions to her, claiming I was getting verbally violent towards her).

Be that as it may, their letter is really something of which that the League of Trembling Israelites would be proud.

Some of its content and my comments.

Dear Prime Minister Cameron, Foreign Secretary Hammond, and Middle East Minister Ellwood,

As British Jews who feel a profound and abiding connection to Israel, we are deeply troubled by the lack of progress [which is caused by who?] towards a negotiated political resolution to the conflict with the Palestinians. The situation in Israel and the West Bank is becoming tenser by the day for both Israelis and Palestinians [perhaps, but if Arabs wouldn't employ violence and terror, things wouldn't be that tense]. We agree with many senior Israeli security officials, former chiefs of staff of the IDF, former heads of the Shin Bet and Mossad, that the only way to ensure Israel’s long-term security is through the creation of a viable, independent Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel [the only thing that such a state would do is create yet another repressive Islamic regime that denies human rights to its own residents and will continue the anti-Zionist terror they started back in 1920].

We are increasingly concerned that Israel is moving further away [Israel isn't moving; the Pals are] from a resolution to the conflict. Without a resolution to the conflict, not only is Israel’s long term-security undermined, but also the democratic and Jewish values that we hold so dear, embodied within the State of Israel, become seriously eroded [they are not. Israel has made great strides in this area since the 1950s and its democratic fabric is vibrant and robust and an outstanding example]. This risks creating a chasm between Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities.

Whilst any long-term peace requires both parties to make concessions and negotiate, we believe Israel is in a position to take steps [no, it behooves the Pals., who initiated all the violence both in the 2000 intifada, and the Gaza operations, to initiate] that could have a positive impact on not just another round of negotiations, but make the possibility of an agreement more likely. We are worried that moves such as the recent announcement of approval for 300 new homes in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, and 500 new homes in East Jerusalem [so, they are anti-united Jerusalem], are a further step away from peace.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit London in early September. During your meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu, as our elected representatives, we urge you to share our concerns with Mr Netanyahu and to ask him to demonstrate the Israeli government’s commitment to a peaceful resolution to the conflict [which he has consistently done. placing the onus on him is not only unfair but invidious]. We believe it is essential that the Prime Minister of Israel understands that our concerns about Israel’s conduct are not motivated by attempts to delegitimise Israel, but by a sincere and genuine concern for Israel’s security and democratic values, and by a desire to see Israel as a respected member of the comity of nations [doesn't read that way].

Yours Sincerely,


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