Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Product of a Perverted Prism

A report of the Muslim Youth Media Group which "monitors violations of the occupation in Al-Aqsa Mosque for the month of July 2015, the dimensions, arrests and attacks from settlers and police" was published by Himma News.

Among the findings:

"Settlers:...930 settlers broke into the mosque plus 30 intelligence groups almost daily heavily guarded by police occupation, and witnessed the so-called ruined "memory" structure...T

Police Violations:
...62 cases of police assautling inside the mosque [they mean the entire compound - YM] beating worshippers and on Sunday, 26\7, there were intensive break-ins by settlers and in memory of the so-called "destruction of the temple", the most violent attacks amongst women...
On Wednesday 22\7, Mrs. Moghaddasi was beaten during her arrest attempt which led to the torn part of her clothes...

Settlers Violations:
During the past month has deliberately provoke settlers women within sight and on the doors so no one came to the Prophet Muhammad alttawl pray him and and smell it in front of cameras three times in the last days of the month, plus To attempt muttering rites talmudic precedent of inside the mosque.On the eve of the anniversary of so-called devastation structure, assaulted settlers on child moghaddasi door the tanyn, plus 9 documented cases of assault in memory of havoc series door while leaving the mosque maximum by swearing, and throwing movements.
Provocative: the violations maximum guards and reconstruction staff
Guards have been spared the mosque flavour and staff of ages of occupation violations and settlers who they stoop during rounds incursion provoke the guards and film them, in what is called "memory" used to ruin repressive forces on the director of the al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Omar mind sawaneh, five Ten a guard to hit, including the keeper in her fifties she was severely beaten during arrest her causing no hit bruised her body, plus two employee of ages, and responsible media and public relations In Dr. Firas alawqaf service record.
In 30/7 and door chain used to occupying forces on guards maximum mosque during leave settlers residential purposes without any reason, which led to see the situation in the mosque.

All this is the product of a perverted prism.


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