Friday, June 26, 2015

Temple Mount Cucumbers

A cucumber harvest from Arnon Segal's weekly column on the Temple Mount in Makor Rishon this week

The south-east corner, looking east to the Mount of Olives, snapped in June 1933 (and thanks to the Israel Antiquities Authority).


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Thor said...

Please Mister, you have to acnowledge that there were people living here before you. And they have the same right to live as you. You have the choice of killing arabs trying to protest how their ancestors were treated, or you can help them. Help them to see how returning Jews are good people (remember there will be Jews returning in 2020 and later) that wish to help them gain sovergnity. Soveregnity is all about self respect. If the returning Jews can give that to the Palestinians then they have won peace for the next thousand years or more.