Friday, June 12, 2015

A Quiz on Stripping

Here's the headline:

Eleanor Hawkins: British backpacker 
pleads guilty to 'obscene acts' after 
stripping on Malaysian mountain

She may receive three months jail sentence and a fine.  She

was with a group of 10 backpackers at the summit of Mount Kinabalu who were seen taking their clothes off for celebratory photos on 30 May.  They were also accused of urinating on the mountain and swearing at a guide who told them to treat it with respect, although the four denied telling the man to "go to hell" in court.

And then this:

Six days after the tourists took the naked photos, a magnitude-5.9 earthquake struck the 13,400ft-high mountain, killing 18 people and leaving hundreds more stranded.

Now, if this happened at the Western Wall what would happen.

And on the Temple Mount?


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