Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Throwing Dirt in Our Eyes

The outlandish claims promoted by Arabs to subvert the historical record and thus supplant it with a false narrative of 'Palestinianism' have also touched on my home community.

Here is Ahmad Melhem, a journalist and photographer based in Ramallah for Al-Watan News:-

Since 1967, Israel has been fiercely attacking these archaeological sites. It has established several settlements like the Shilo settlement, built over 'Khirbet Ceylon,' a Canaanite city and archaeological site, north of Ramallah,

First, that should be Seilun, which an Arab phonetic approximation for ... Shiloh.  That is specially humorous in light of his claim that

Israel resorts to biblical tales, like the exodus from Egypt and the journey to Palestine, for instance, and changes the names of archaeological Canaanite, Byzantine and Islamic sites to biblical names.

Second, if anyone is destroying sites of archaeological importance with the purpose of obliterating another people's cultural and religious history it is Muslims at, for example, the Temple Mount, not to mention what is being done in Iraq and other places.

Third, as I have been documenting, we have been uncovering, extensively, the archaeological remains and artifacts of all the layers of Shiloh's history, including the periods of Arab/Muslim rule in the area of the Jewish national homeland.

Fourth, the Quran itself relates "biblical tales" as truth.

Is there an Arab word for chutzpah?  I think I asked about that already.

(thanks to RH)


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zaba said...

Second......muzllims are programed to falsely accuse 'you' of the very crimes
they are committing.

Is there an Arab word for chutzpah?
No, due to the convenient fact that islam contains NO Ethics, NO Golden Rule.