Thursday, May 07, 2015

Punch Out Counterpunch

Here's on snippet from a piece in the far-out left Counterpunch:

In 1948, Jewish residents of Palestine who had recently migrated to the region from Europe unilaterally announced the creation of a Jewish state when a UN partition plan to create Israel without the Palestinians having any voice in the process was not implemented.

a.  there were Jews who had immigrated centuries ago there, too.  and Jews from dozens of countries from several continents.

b. one reason many were recent was because it was only in 1922 that international recognition was awardd that would assur the right to immigrate as the Ottoman Empire that ruled since 1516 was not favorably disposed to Jews.

c.  the partition plan was not simply "not implemented" but rejected by the Arabs who then, on the morrow initiated violence.

d. Arabs surely did have a voice in the process and participatd in all meetings and sessions of all doplomatic efforts to resolve issus then and ever since 1920 (and before).

Now you know why you shouldn't trust this organ or its contributors.


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Anonymous said...

Counterpunch is a Neo-Stalinist rag that routinely runs Holocaust Deniers