Friday, October 10, 2014

New Shiloh Excavations at Jam'a A-Sittin

I have posted in the past about Jam'a A-Sittin.

It is to the south of Tel Shiloh 

And now that the news is out, I am posting to let you know that a new archaelogical excavation, the fourth now, according to my count over the past almost three years (the main seasons were 30 years ago), has been initiated at the site which I discovered was in progress a fortnight ago.

Some tantalizing photographs of the first stage which was setting up a perimeter and clearing things up and already, it is larger than we were aware:

Looking north
Looking west
Looking east
At left of front entrance
Looking south on the building's east side
Inside the main structure
North-westt corner of main structure
Looking east

See you at Tel Shiloh - expanded.


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