Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Dizzy Livni


“We are just going around in empty circles,”

Who?  What?  Where?

...said Yasser Abed Rabbo, secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization...“So far, there are no signs at all that these negotiations have achieved any progress,” said Abed Rabbo speaking on Voice of Palestine.
He said Israel’s settlement activities in the occupied territories “destroy every opportunity to reach a just peace and the two-state solution.”
Abed Rabbo said he does not expect to see any breakthroughs any time soon without pressure and active intervention from the US administration similar to what it is doing now to solve the Syrian crisis.
“We are just going around in empty circles,” he said, describing the negotiations as “barren.”
He said the “foundation of the whole process has been flawed right from the beginning when Israel has failed to commit itself to halting settlements.”

But pressure "similar to what it is doing now to solve the Syrian crisis"?

Typical Pal. bluster and over-hyped incitement. 



Anonymous said...

what the Fakestinians didn't notice was that it was the Sunni Crescent of Power that cajoled/coerced America & Europe to get involved in Syria.

Any political agenda whose underlying axiom's and/or premises start with the words, "and then the americans planned, initiated, and accomplished XXX" is voiced by a very blind person, indeed.

The americans have a lot of weight to throw around, and once they decide to do that, many good or bad things can/will happen. But those happenings seldom end up being what the Americans thought they would be!

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, the Chinese are smart enough to build, Build, BUILD their connections to the Hebrew Republic:

Anonymous said...

meanwhile, Israeli women ALSO have a predictable (= a weak point!) rationalization-hamster running amuck, that "going blond" proves you're hot, even if you're late 50's, and WAY past the expiration-date of catching a guy.

PS: Filipinits never dye their hair blond. But on a per-capita basis, they capture more wedding rings from guys in wealthy countries..... than any other nationality of women in the world.