Monday, August 12, 2013

Zionist Crime: The Photographic Evidence

At this Facebook account, you can see this picture:

You'll notice that a father is assisting his young son to drink some water.

It's hot in the summer.  Who would not allow an child to drink?  

That is described in the post as a horrible crime and the terms used include:



the thief steals from our mosque to drink

God's curse on the conspirators who are of the unclean Zionist movement from the oldest to the youngest.

Whose water is it anyway? 

And how are Muslim children treated in Israel, children from the enemy country Syria?

The hospital has treated 44 Syrian patients since March 27, four of them children as young as three years old. The 12-yearold daughter is one of seven Syrians scattered throughout the hospital, most guarded by Israeli soldiers stationed outside their rooms.

Thanks to Algemeiner who picked this up.


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Marianne Lordi said...

And yet they forget that a Palestinian boy was treated in a Jewish hospital and given a new kidney by a Jewish donor. What a shame.