Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Test for the High Court for Justice

Israel's High Court for Justice has intervened on many issues, especially security, has moved fences around and otherwise told off the government based on logic, precedents and laws.

Read this and guess what the government thought of it:-

The criteria for releasing terrorists as set during the Oslo Accords and in the deals that were made by all Israeli governments that followed state that anyone who has Israeli blood on their hands will not be eligible for release, and further demands they the [prisoners] who are released sign a pledge not to return to terror. The blank check the government has given the ministerial team [in charge of the prisoner release] means that these red lines are about to be crossed," Wertzberger wrote in the petition.

"When releasing prisoners who were sentenced by the courts, especially for being involved in man kind's worst crimes, including deliberate attacks on civilians, women and children, terrorist acts and war crimes -- the importance of diplomatic considerations should pale in comparison to the severity of the moral and ethical blow presented by the prisoners' early release."
The answer is here.

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