Tuesday, August 06, 2013

No Peace From Paiss

I left this comment:

Naomi Paiss, officially representing the New Israel Fund, is an ideologically-driven radical for whom facts have little import.  And as such, her claim that there are "ongoing human rights violations entailed by the settlements" - while studiously ignoring those committed by Arab residents of the same area, thus corrupting her moral stance, if she had one, - "not only jeopardize the day-to-day lives of Palestinians, but they also threaten the fabric of Israeli democracy and degrade any chance of reconciliation, equality and peace" is simply fantasy.

Day-to-day lives of Arabs in the areas of the Jewish National Homeland that was guaranteed the Jewish people in a decision of international law by the League of Nations not yet under full Israeli sovereignty and now administered by Israel as a result of 19 years of terror attacks and a war of defense Israel waged against Arab aggression (where was Ms. Paiss and her like when Jordan illegally occupied the area, by the way?) have only improved and if they would (a) stop the terror and the incitement and (b) agree to a compromise, their lives would be better.

But people like Paiss encourage the obstinacy of the Arabs and indirectly, their belief that pressure and refusal and even violence only weakens Israel's resolve, and so prolong the conflict.

Zionism is old but the "new" Israel Paiss & Co. seek will only further complicate the situation and increase the chances that more people will die.And one more thing: since Amb Martin Indyk is affiliated with the NIF, I doubt if anyone in Israel trusts him or believes that he can make the correct arrangements as he leads this latest US attempt to get the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to make peace with Israel.  As for Gaza, well, that's Hamas-tan and no hope from there.  In fact, if Indyk could arrange a Fatah/Hamas peace that would be something.

P.S.  I see that in my first comment, a snippet from Ms. Paiss' letter remained.  I am not in any way affiliated to the NIF.  I live in Shiloh, the Binyamin Region, the site where the Tabernacle rested, where Joshua divided the Land of Israel into its trbal lportions, where Samuel the Seer grew up and where Achiyah prophesised.  And where, today, 360 families live with 1000 pupils in our primary school and where wine that has won international awards for excellence are grown.

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