Friday, August 02, 2013

International Human Rights Quiz

First, read this:

UN to Investigate Chemical Weapons Allegations in Syria

Syria has agreed to allow U.N. inspectors to visit three sites to investigate accusations of chemical weapons use...“the Mission will travel to Syria as soon as possible to contemporaneously investigate three of the reported incidents, including Khan al-Assal,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's press office said in a statement.

...Ban has insisted that his team be permitted to visit at least one other location, the city of Homs, site of an alleged chemical attack by government forces in December 2012.


a) will they leave for their mission?

b) will they enter Syria?

c) will they observe at least two locations?

d) will they find evidence of prohibited chemical use?

e) will they be able to leave Syria?

f) will Syria's government desist from any further use of such weapons?

g) will any Arabs state do something about the situation?

h) will Israel be blamed for any illegal act discovered in Syria?


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