Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Any Jews There?

In an article on honorcide, or 'honor killing', in Jordan, interesting in itself, I caught this:

With a population dominated by Sunni Muslims (92 percent) and Arabs (98 percent),  


Any Jews in that remaining 2%?

Just kidding.

Jordan warns Israelis not to visit wearing ‘Jew clothes’
Tourism ministry in Amman wary of unfriendly reactions to Jewish dress or rituals in public places


Jewish Tourists Stoned in Jordan over 'Provocative Hats'
Arabic websites say religious Jewish visitors to Kerak were attacked with shoes and rocks.

And finally, here:

...[in] the US's Department of State...2006 International Religious Freedom Report, they had this to say:

    The Government recognizes Judaism as a religion; however there are reportedly no Jordanian citizens who are Jewish. The Government does not impose restrictions on Jews, and they are permitted to own property and conduct business in the country.

So that the claim is a plain and simple lie..Jordan's Nationality Law includes the following clauses (Article 3):

    The following shall be deemed to be Jordanian nationals:

    (1)Any person who has acquired Jordanian nationality or a Jordanian passport under the Jordanian Nationality Law, 1928, as amended, Law No. 6 of 1954 or this Law;

    (2)Any person who, not being Jewish, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948 and was a regular resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan between 20 December 1949 and 16 February 1954;

    (3)Any person whose father holds Jordanian nationality; (...)

And Israel signed a peace treaty with the apartheid Jew-hating country.

As for the murder of women to protect/preserve family honor, there's this there:

Jordan has been witness to a semantic battlefield associating honor crimes with Islam and tribal culture, two widely recognized components of Jordanian identity. In Jordan, however, there is a slowly emerging attempt to sever the perceived connection between national culture and the killing of women. This effort has come from above and below, with the Hashemite monarchy and grassroots organizations pushing for the abolishment of Article 340 from the Jordanian Penal Code, which offers excused or reduced punishment to male perpetrators of honor crimes.



Samuel Dinkels said...

This is an EXTREMELY important post. The only long term resolution to the Arabs living in Israel and Judea and Samaria is for them to live in the 85% of what was called Palestine, which is the country of Jordan.

Why did Jordan sign a peace treaty with Israel? To protect themselves from the recognition that Jordan is the Palestinian state. Signing that peace treaty was a big mistake for Israel.

Bill said...

As I recall, the Emirate of Jordan became judenrein in 1923. I can't provide references offhand, but my memory is that the small Jewish population was expelled and that the nationality law of the Emirate also excluded Jews.