Friday, May 04, 2012

The Wetness of Beinart

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Friday, May 4, 2012, 12:12 am (10:12 Israel time)

If this is part of a wet T-shirt contest, Beinart would win on the basis of the “best” dampening of the Zionist ideal.

at this site after reading of the Beinart T-shirt:

at this story, where you can read:

...Beinart's words have become a flashpoint of debate, the cause of immense tension in the American Jewish community. "There's a lot of anxiety amongst of a lot of American Jews about Israel's future, and I think we've seen recognition that the American Jewish community is divided even though that division is very painful for people," Beinart told New Voices. "It's divided along generational lines, it's divided along religious lines, and there is an anxiety at least among some American Jews of the path that Israel is on, and then there's anxiety amongst other American Jews about the anxiety those American Jews have."

but then read Jonathan Tobin, where he writes:

...chatter and buzz may be giving even Beinart’s detractors the idea that he is making some headway with the public, but apparently the book-buying public, like the critics, aren’t buying it.  According to BookScan...Beinart’s much-hyped effort is a flop. Reliable sources tell us that BookScan...has tabulated that as of this week Beinart had only sold 2,845 copies of The Crisis of Zionism. Because books that sell thousands more than that number are considered by publishers to be busts, Beinart’s ballyhooed cri-de-coeur must be considered a colossal flop.

So maybe it is Beinart who is all wet?


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