Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Post-modern Interpretation of Violence

No wonder so many liberals/progressives support the Pals.:-

...Political violence in particular is, by design and by default, a set of signifying practices involving elaborate cultural codes, serving as illustrations of what David Apter (1996:14) refers to as ‘a discourse theory of political violence’. Apter (1996:17) writes that political violence ‘is an extreme form of interpretative action. The discourse establishes its own communicative fields within which political movements are defined and around which boundaries are established’. He makes a compelling case that it is essential that we at least begin to give greater emphasis to the relationship between violence and ommunication...Accepting the idea that states are perpetrators of political violence, and that particular kinds of violence are used to ‘send a message’, full-scale warfare can easilybe understood as a means of political communication.

Andrew Calabrese, University of Colorado, "Sending a Message: Violence as political communication"

So, the Arabs are - just talking to us?


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