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Miriam Tzachi Wins

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The Jerusalem District Court accepted in part the appeal of the newspaper Makor Rishon and photographer Miriam Tzachi

Photo credit: YMedad

against the decision of the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, which held that the newspaper for the police photos taken by Zahi events last month when "price tag" near the Gilad Outpost. The judge ruled that most of the pictures will not be given, except for photos documenting burning tires, some of them have been released days after the first source event, and they do not reveal the identity of the photographer's origins among the settlers.

The police demanded by them the pictures and be used as an investigation of settlers attacked several army officers, but the photographer and the newspaper refused it, claiming that the freedom of the press. The refusal was also supported by the Press Council, which announced that it will protect the photographer's press immunity.
District Court Judge Moshe Cohen ruled that the immunity indeed applies not only to the identity of sources of information, but also the information itself, when "the consideration of encouraging sources to cooperate with the press is the underlying consideration in secrecy". The judge mentioned that the Knesset oriented bills seeking to correct the Evidence Ordinance, so that journalists will not be obliged to give police evidence they've had in the line of duty journalist.

"The existence of such a special relationship between the source and the journalist and the preservation of immunity not only the source of private interest or journalist, but also an important interest of the general public, and they are designed to ensure the freedom of the press and the public's right to know", Cohen in his decision the judge wrote.

The judge criticized the police's position in relation to the pictures and noted that the situation in which journalists are carrying out work at the beginning of the investigation work for the police, is "a dangerous situation that has serious potential harm to press freedom".

First-response: "We welcome the decision of the Jerusalem District Court, which kept the freedom of the press and the confidentiality of the sources of press photographer Miriam Tzachi. Our position was and remains that journalists covering an event - especially photographers - can not become information providers as agents of the police against their will".


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