Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Appearance on the Russian RT TV's "CrossTalk"

Recorded yesterday evening and broadcast today:

I did not know a Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson was a partner or that another is a Pal. propagandist.

And pay attention to the Hitler reference at around 23 minutes.

You can go to the YouTube location and comment.


He was worse than I thought:

Iran revolution example to follow, says Egyptian scholar

London, Feb 10, IRNA – The Islamic revolution in Iran over three decades ago has set an example for others to follow, according to a prominent Egyptian scholar.

“It has had an impact not only on Egypt but all over the Muslim world,” Kamal Helbawi said on the eve of the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 revolution in Iran. “It was a revolution for freedom, a revolution for dignity and for the respect and worship of God,” Helbawi said in an interview with IRNA. “We are with freedom now, until the people are ready to accept Islam,” the scholar and researcher said. “Christians and Muslims have no problem, the only problem is with Mubarak and the regime.”

It's the Jews who are the problem.



Juniper in the Desert said...

What a kangaroo court, the screaming mozzie apes not letting you speak, the interlocutor is useless, it was a stitch up!! Could only listen to parts. mozzies screaming are not what I need. Hope you got your point across!!

Anonymous said...

Why bother appearing on this extreme anti-Israel channel?

Anonymous said...

i love how the format is set so that anytime a proisrael supporter is invited on, the moderator makes sure he/she is not allowed to speak for more than 30 seconds at a time

Anonymous said...

While el-Helbawy claims that commentators who say the group would tear up the treaty were ‘completely wrong’, he refuses to state that the Muslim Brotherhood would definitely keep it:
‘This is not the time to discuss such a matter, but I would like to confirm to you, and to the West in general that, if any peace process [is] built on justice, the Muslim Brotherhood will support it 100%, but if there is any peace process built on injustice, then we have to bring justice before the peace process.’
The reticence to discuss the issue, or to make a definite statement on the matter, reflects a similar interview on CNN last week, in which Muhammad Mursi argued that it was ‘ridiculous to ask about the future’, and repeatedly refused to answer the question.Moreover, el-Helbawy’s next answer gives an indication of what he believes constitutes justice in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
BBC: You reassure Netanyahu that you would not tear up the peace treaty?
El-Helbawy: No, we will not tear it – but we will discuss, as I said, we need justice and the freedom, not only for us, but for everyone. There are many Jews – Naturei Karta [sic], and I have very very high relationship profile [sic] with Dovid Weiss – he’s a Jew, a rabbi, but he’s anti-Israeli atrocities and aggression.
El-Helbawy’s citation of Neturei Karta is telling, since the fringe group was formed specifically in opposition to the creation of Israel and continues to oppose Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land,
Dovid Weiss in particular is highly controversial, due to his public endorsement of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Similarly, he recently met with Muslim scholar Yousef Al-Qaradawi, and ‘express[ed] what a great privilege and honour’ it was to do so. Al-Qaradawi is notorious for stating that the Holocaust was ‘divine punishment’ by Allah for Jewish corruption, and for stating his hope that ‘the next time will be at the hand of believers’.
Badawi then raises the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. When the BBC presenter states that the organisation is viewed by many as a ‘terrorist’ group, el-Helbawy immediately interjects:
‘No it is not terrorist – it is resistance.’

flytouch 3 said...

Gosh, there's a great deal of helpful data in this post!