Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ever See A Hassid Hugging A Woman?

This, I am presuming, most of you would think a most unusual sight.

A Chassid hugging a woman, even if it is his wife, in public?

What happened?

Well, if the Israeli Border Police use force to break up left-wing Israelis protesting against Jewish settlers taking over a home in the Sheikh Jarrah area of East Jerusalem on 11 December 2009 and they seem to have missed the left-wingers:

Did she get hit by a policeman? A thrown rock from the Arabs and their Jewish left-wing supporters?


Here are photos at a Hebrew-language site reporting on 21 lefties getting arrested.

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yoni said...

these are obviously not lefties or "settlers". what were they doing there? innocent bystanders? regardless, and regardless of recent public bad behavior by haredim, this makes my blood boil. a shanda! and since when have "we protect and serve" policeman turned into "brutal young masked men"? how has this happened under our noses? i have no sympathy for the left, and i know the cops are even more brutal with rightwing demonstraters, but i'd like to know, as you ask, what happened to this poor woman? were the cops so busy beating the foreign demonstraters they ignored the "local" stonethrowers who targeted this couple because of their jewish garb? what the hell is happening here, to us? sorry for the melodrama. shocking photo.