Monday, December 07, 2009

The Battle of the Gate of Maaleh Levona

Seems the neighboring community to Shiloh has "fallen" to the inspectors of Barak:

Inspectors enter Maale Levona settlement, soldier fires stun grenade

Published: 12.07.09, 18:08 / Israel News

Security forces have succeeded in gaining entrance to the settlement of Maale Levona in the West Bank, in order to hand out orders for the construction freeze. The settlers had previously restricted access to the grounds. Sources said settlers had thrown stones at the forces, and in response a Border Guard officer had fired a stun grenade at the offenders. No injuries were reported.

But you'll note the time. Eight minutes after six PM. Even if the report was upload an hour after the event, that's five o'clock.

Sunset her in Israel is at 4:45 or so.

What are they going to do in the dark?


They are 'in the dark'.

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